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Home / Technical / Base rig set up by Simon Horsfield
Home / Technical / Base rig set up by Simon Horsfield

Base rig set up by Simon Horsfield

Mast Heel Position

This is measured from the back of the mast to dead top centre of the transom as pictured. The measurement is 2720mm.

Shroud T Terminal Housing

Ensure the shroud T terminals are in the bottom holes as pictured, the higher holes are for the optional Trapezing kit wires (trapezing isnt permitted for racing)

Spreader Length and Angle

Spreader length: Measured tip to tip to the centre of the shroud wire, the measurement is 860mm.

Spreader Angle: Measured from the mast track to the whipping twine as pictured.

The whipping twine is simply tied onto the shrouds and pulled tight and is just there for the purpose of measuring remove it after measuring. The measurement is between 170 - 180 mm


Rig Tension

Measured at shoulder height on the shroud using a rig tension meter 330lbs or 150kg

Halyard Datum

Firstly, tie the halyard to a long tape measure (it needs to longer then 7m) using the bobble method. Raise the halyard up to the top of the mast, then tension the halyard ensuring it is at the top. Now read the tape measure off at the goose neck it should read 5. 23m.

We do this every time before we measure the mast rake to ensure the halyard is in the same place every time. Put simply, it ensures consistency every time we pull the halyard up. If it measures 5.23m we know we have the correct starting point before then measuring the mast rake.

Mast Rake

Having checked the halyard datum, swing the tape measure to back of the boat and read off the number it should read 6560mm

Top tip avoid trying this in 25 knots of breeze as reading the numbers accurately is challenging!


If having done all the above correctly, you might not have the correct measurement of 6560mm, If this is the case then you will need to adjust the shroud clevis pins up or down on the chain plates (pictured below)

Adjustment example

One hole up or down is equal to 40mm + / -

One hole diagonally up or down is equal to 20mm + /-

Using the above adjustments, you will be a achieve the base measurement of 6560mm, if you cant re trace your steps to chance the potential error.

Simon Horsfield Coaching

Last updated 12:11 on 25 October 2023

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