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Home / News / Buying and selling 2000 boats and bits? Read this.
Home / News / Buying and selling 2000 boats and bits? Read this.

Buying and selling 2000 boats and bits? Read this.

Published 18:16 on 21 May 2023

8 Jun 2022 - by Mark Foley

There is presently (2022) high demand for used 2000s. I frequently get messages through this website and Facebook asking if we know about sellers and buyers. We dont have a buying and selling page on this website as someone (me Im guessing) would have to administer it and frankly Id rather be sailing than sat at my screen.

So here are some tips I usually pass on, which you may like to try.

Facebook group 2000 Class Sailors

This group is public so you can post items to it if you are buying or selling or just seeking advice. Probably not a good idea to publish your personal and contact details on it though.

RS Sailing

RS Sailing have a part exchange scheme whereby they accept used 2000s in part exchange when they are delivering a new boat. So from time to time they are likely to have 2000s to move along, and its worth asking them if they have anything, or anything in the offing.

RS deliver fleets of new boats to the HM services and sailing schools so its possible there are quite a number becoming available from time to time.

Also, the RS website is a great tool for deciding how much new items cost and what your spending priorities are when you spruce up your new boat.

West Country Boat Repairs

WCBR are one of our Sponsors, and their founder Pete Vincent is a 2000 racer. Pete buys and sells 2000s from time to time and of course repairs them. He has a huge depth of 2000 knowledge and contacts all over the UK, therefore its always worth asking Pete what he knows.

Also, if you are viewing a boat to purchase and you feel it will need some professional attention to put it in the condition you want then phone Pete and find out what he thinks. His views could affect whether you buy it, and what price you pay. Also, is a repair essential? Or could it wait till the winter? If its necessary soon, how soon can Pete get it in the workshop?

WCBR are located on the north bank of the River Severn in Gloucestershire handy for the motorway network.


Rooster also sponsor us. If youre looking at a boat and it needs bits and pieces, price them up with Rooster and if youre a Class Association member use your CA discount to work out a price, and your offer to the seller.

Hope this helps.

Mark Foley.

Last updated 19:36 on 27 August 2023

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