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Rob Burridge & Laura Foley "debrief" at Thorney Island 2019

Boat park chat.

The best place to learn is an Open Meeting. Just ask questions!

How and why to adjust the main sheet bridle

Simon's wisdom.

Keep that mainsail in tip top shape going up wind. You should aim to adjust it depending on that day’s wind.

Jasper's top tip from Thorney Island in 2019

4 times champion Jasper's advice !

Millennium Open meeting at Snettisham Beach , Norfolk

Home of the Barnhams, Jasper and Fergus and Laura 6 years' worth of National Champions !

Snettisham has a narrow tidal window for sailing, about 2 hours each side of high tide. There’s lots of boat park space, free camping on site. Great place for bird watchers too.