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Millennium Open meeting at Snettisham Beach , Norfolk 2017

There's quite a few boat handling do's and dont's on show here.

There’s a narrow window for sailing at Snettisham , about 2 hours each side of high water. At low water its entirely mud which attracts hundreds of wading birds, and its also attracted a ornithologist member who is excellent with a video camera.

Tacking technique, starboard to port.

Simon and Katie's tacking style.

Tacking technique , port to starboard.

Simon's a professional coach and he and Katie demonstrate their teamwork.

Slow down the replay and study the details!

Sarah's top tip for champion crewing with her dad !

Advice from Lee on Solent 2019.

The following year they were national champions. Just saying…

Gybe technique demonstration.

Simon Horsfield and Katie Burridge's gybe style.

Everyone has their own way of sailing, but if you’re looking to improve and want a few pointers, this is a good place to start .