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Tacking technique , port to starboard.

Simon's a professional coach and he and Katie demonstrate their teamwork.

Slow down the replay and study the details!

Gybe technique demonstration.

Simon Horsfield and Katie Burridge's gybe style.

Everyone has their own way of sailing, but if you’re looking to improve and want a few pointers, this is a good place to start .

Tacking technique, starboard to port.

Simon and Katie's tacking style.

Kev and Simon pimping Johnny's boat at Brixham

Pay for your tuning tips with pints

The boat park at any Open event is the best place ever to get your boat tuned up.

Simon's Lockdown Lecture, May 2020: downwind sailing modes.

There was no sailing in May 2020 so Simon's Zoom lecture was re-recorded for you.

Simon Horsfield , who’s a professional coach and the 2000 Class training coordinator, discusses down wind sailing in an asymmetric dinghy, and distinguishes 3 modes of doing so.