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Registration & Logging In Archy Posted - 25/03/2010

The website includes sections with read-only content and a discussion Forum. The vast majority of the website, including the Forum, can be viewed at any time and is known as the Public Area. However, some sections are restricted to Class Association members. Not surprisingly, these sections are known as the Class Association Member’s Area.

You can view items in the Public area at any time, but if you want to start a new topic in the Forum or post a reply, you need to be Registered and Logged in. You also need to be Logged in to access the Member's Area.


You can register by clicking on the Register link (Figure 1a) at the top left hand side of the Home or Forum pages. After you have agreed to our terms and conditions you will need to complete the registration form (Figure 1b).

You can select your own Username and Password when registering for the Public Area. If you have already registered but can't remember the details then either use the 'Forgotten Password' link or simply re-register using a new combination.

Please note that due to an influx of 'undesirable' registrants we have had to make the registration process more stringent. The first stage of this process now requires a question to be answered correctly and then Approval of member details by an Administrator. Approval is dependent on the quantity, quality and relevance of your registration information and may take up to 24 hours. Once approved, the second stage of the registration process involves Validation of your email address. The timing of the validation stage is down to you, but if you cannot see the email, please make sure you check any spam or junk email folders that you might have, including those provided by your Internet Service Provider. Occasionally the activation emails are filtered there by accident.

By the way, did you know that 2009 was the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Class Association?

Logging in to the Unrestricted Public Area

Enter your Username and Password in the blue box (Figure 2a) at the top left hand side of the Home or Forum pages and click on the Log in button. If all goes well there will be a “Login was successful!” message followed by an updated blue box (Figure 2b).

Once you have successfully Logged in to the Public Area, your details should automatically be saved (provided you have cookies enabled) and you should not have to Log in again on the same computer unless you have Logged out.

Access to the Class Association Member's Area

If you are a member of the Class Association you will have been assigned a specific Username and Membership Number. Your Username is normally derived from your real name , but there are a few special exceptions.

When you login, your Username will be checked against the Class Association members list. If you are a CA member you will be granted access to the Members Areas.

If you forget your initial and/or surname then contact our Secretary, who may be able to organise some appropriate form of help The same goes if you forget your membership number.

ArchyPosted - 07/07/2013

Updated 07 July 2013.

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