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The Tony Slade Trophy Citations Ian Frogley Posted - 29/06/2019

The 2018 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Gillian and Chris Jordan.

Gillian and Chris Jordan have supported the class association for many years, attending many open meetings and championship events. They have epitomised the very essence of the association by; actively encouraging sailors in the boat park with advise on boat tuning and how to sail the 2000 well; On the water they are always to be found in the top 10 but always in a friendly and fair spirit of competition; they have also made significant contributions at the annual general meetings. Gillian has recently contributed much as the production editor for Millennium Mutterings.
For their long-term support of the 2000 Class Association and more recently for Gillian’s contribution to Millennium Mutterings the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy for 2018 is awarded to Gillian and Chris Jordan.

The 2017 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Julie and Guy Boswell

Julie and Guy Boswell have supported the class association for 15 years, attending many open meetings and championship events. They have epitomised the very essence of the association sailing as a family with their two children Alice and Sam.
Seldom at the front of the fleet, they have always competed fairly with other boats around them and always with a smile on their faces. They have always been involved in the accompanying social events.
When the class association was in the need of a secretary they came forward and have seamlessly taken on this challenging and time consuming role.
For their long-term support of the 2000 Class Association and more recently in the role of Class Secretary the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy for 2017 is award to Julie and Guy Boswell.

The 2016 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Rachel Sheridan

One of the most important jobs for the 2000 Class is the fleet captains at each club. Without good fleet captains, the fleets at the club do not grow and without good 2000 clubs, the class will not survive.
Being a fleet captain is a difficult job, walking around the dinghy park looking at 2000s with brambles growing over them and wondering who owns them and how you can encourage them to get out for a sail. Eventually managing to get one of these boats to come out for a sail and then get a day with no wind or too much wind! Anyone who has been a fleet captain has been there - it’s a tough job.
Without a strong and keen fleet captain the 2000 fleet within a club soon breaks up and stops sailing together and the fleet soon dwindles out.
I nominate the current fleet captain of one of the larger 2000 clubs - Rachel Sheridan. Rachel took over the fleet captain role at Wilsonian in 2013 from Colin Treadwell. This is now her third full season in the role, and in that time she has worked very hard in encouraging the Wilsonian Fleet members to take an active part in Club racing and to travel to Open Meetings and Nationals, 5 last year and 6 this year. She always has a happy smiling face on and off the water, which is probably why she is such a good fleet captain!
It is her spirit and enthusiasm at Club level, which I believe has had a knock on effect on attendance at Association events.
She often finds herself without a crew, but that has never stopped her encouraging others to go to events or, indeed, even travelling to events herself without a crew, with a view to finding one at the event.
Rachel constantly encourages and cajoles her fleet members at Wilsonian, which clearly gets positive results. She's very inspirational, and always looking to help others whenever she can.
She makes a point of talking to sailors from other clubs in other classes, and has been most influential in maintaining and increasing our 2K fleet within the club.
She also works very hard to ensure that all Fleet members are kept fully informed of what's going on within the Club and within the Association, sending out regular e-mails and newsletters. This is also very important, of course, in helping people make that all-important transition from passive to active sailors and racers. In essence Rachel Sheridan epitomizes the helpful and friendly nature of the 2000 class association. She is therefore awarded the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy for 2016.

The 2015 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Helen Phillips.

"Helen stepped into the breach as Acting Chairman in 2003 when the current incumbent was unable to fulfil the role due to personal circumstances. At the following AGM in August 2004 she opted for the more demanding role of Treasurer for the Laser 2000 Class Association. She has been a steady hand on the financial tiller ever since.
This has been particularly appreciated during recent years when the membership of the committee has changed relatively rapidly, and having someone with experience of how the Class Association had been and should be run has been invaluable. Her opinion on the difficult questions, which have faced the committee over recent years has always been carefully thought out and constructive. She has also been instrumental in safeguarding the future of the Class by ensuring that sufficient funds were being saved in the Class
Association accounts to, for example, buy the mould for manufacturing the 2000, should that have proven necessary.
Having said that, she has always encouraged spending on the membership as a whole, for example, by the upgrading of Millennium Mutterings to full colour, to ensure that members receive value for money. All of the above is done with quiet good humour and efficiency.
Helen and Andrew have been regular fixtures on the travelling circuit, and Helen has provided both formal and informal training for many Class Association members. She is very generous in this respect – even when having sailed up the beat behind someone, she has been known to congratulate them on their speed, and offer the advice that if they kept the boat flatter, they would go even faster!
Helen has been nominated for, and been awarded the Tony Slade trophy previously, in 2006, but in view of her remarkable length of tenure as Class Association Treasurer (and we hope it will continue for many years to come!), and for the reasons outlined above, we feel she is once more thoroughly deserving of the award."

The 2014 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Jenny and James MacGregor

The 2000 Association has over the last year seen a loss of some of the longer term, senior members of the Committee taking away a plethora of experience and knowledge which has caused an increase in work to the remaining member’s, some have had to increase their involvement to ensure the CA works effectively, others have had to absorb these additional responsibilities including arranging the Millennium Series, Coordinating the Dinghy Show, arranging the Inlands and a plethora of other “Jobs” which would take far too long to list but I am very sure we are all well aware of what they are. These jobs, albeit not strenuous involve long hours of attention to detail and endless phone calls and emails to ensure the CA not only runs smoothly, but is also effective in all it does to support the membership and if the smallest thing is missed it can cause a huge negative impact on any event throughout the season.

The CA needs to work closely with it’s partners, including its sponsors, a host of Sailing Clubs to ensure the various events run smoothly, the Millennium series, the National Events etc, someone has to make sure things are organised including arranging prizes, venues, Notice of Race, Sailing Instructors, Race Officials, evening social events, food, photographers, even the good old Polo and Hoodies for the Nationals and lots more which would fill this citation. These are all jobs which someone has to complete to ensure the CA remains at the top of its game for the benefit of the membership. These job don’t just happen, someone has to ensure they are completed, chasing up suppliers, sending emails, telephone calls and this is all completed by volunteers because they care about the CA and its members.

Pivotal in all of this is the communication and membership piece, as without these facets within the CA we will fail or be much more localised. So to ensure we remain in touch and our membership is managed effectively we have the Millennium Mutterings, Membership and Class Association Secretary, Dinghy Secretary, et al. All jobs which someone has to do.

In all of this two names keep appearing, be it in MM, Secretary, AGM, Dinghy Show, Racing events, Nationals etc etc and that is Jenny and James Macgregor Their sheer volume of work and emails, demonstrates their determination to make the class go forward. This highlights their willingness to give back to the Class and they fit all this in around arranging events and sailing their 2000 at Grafham. Their sheer ability to get things done is an inspiration to us all, cagouling event organisers, chasing MM entries, arranging memberships, working with the membership to ensure the annual programme provides the needs of the CA, working with the RYA and LDC/RS to ensure we were represented at the Dinghy Show only goes to demonstrate their commitment, determination, drive and desire to make the CA work effectively, they may even manage a nights sleep in and around what they do and possibly look after their family too!

In summary, Jenny and James are role models to us all, determined, hard working, solution focussed with a willingness to take things on and just make things work. They sail very well and have crept up the listings especially at National events and Jenny is one of the founder members of the Crew Union and won’t hoist the kite until she is placed in the hoist drop zone by her helm, James.

For all they do and all they represent within the Class the Tony Slade Trophy for 2014 is awarded to James and Jenny MacGregor.

The 2013 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Phil Morrison.

Phil Morrison designed the boat which we all love and enjoy sailing and racing. Without his initial design the class association would clearly not exist. Phil is the designer of the ‘2000 One Design’ and the appointment of any licensed builder was his decision to make.
In May 2012 the association contacted Phil and asked about the situation with regard to who owned the design rights to the 2000. This started a period of open and frank communications regarding concerns and the way ahead. From the beginning, Phil assured the association that the appointment of any new builder, should the need arise, would be with mutual agreement. By June 2012 there were a number of interested builders approaching both Phil and the association. Through September and October face-to-face meetings were organised between Phil and the association. Shortly after a meeting in January 2013 with Phil, LDC, and the association the new agreement was signed between Phil and LDC as the newly appointed licensed builder.
This last year has been a very difficult and an important period in the history of the 2000 class and without Phil’s backing and help we would never be where we are today. Obviously many people have been involved in the process of moving the builder and distributor from Laser Performance to LDC and without this move the class would have clearly died over the next few years as the supply of new boats dried up.
Phil obviously cares passionately about the 2000 and wishes to see his design continue to prosper. Without his openness and willingness to listen to the association none of this might have happened. I believe that this move has cemented the future of the class and will enable us to continue sailing and racing the 2000 for many years to come.
So in order to show our appreciation, I believe that we should award the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy to Phil Morrison.

The 2012 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Ian and Andrew Frogley.

In 2012 it was decided to award the prize to a father and son combination, Ian and Andrew Frogley. They have been involved with the Class Association since July 1999. And, as Ian has been involved in a wide spectrum of activities over the years, it seems appropriate to list his service and achievements more or less in chronological order:
Committee member 1999 - 2003
Vice Chairman 2000 - 2003
Millennium Series Winner 2000
Published Class Association Rigging Manual in 2001
Millennium Mutterings Editor 2001 – 2002
Completed a major restructuring of the website 2009 – 2010 at the same time he took over responsibility for compiling and publishing event results.
Committee Member and Webmaster 2010 - Date
Over recent months they have masterminded the transfer of the website to a new host and restructured the underlying database to provide a vastly improved reliability and response times.
Their enthusiasm for the Laser 2000 encouraged many of us around the association to buy our first Laser 2000. They sailed and experimented with the boat set-up, documenting their findings. These documents are still considered optimum and can be found on the web site or in past editions of Millennium Mutterings.
Respect for their knowledge and experience of the boat led them to be involved in the trials of the replacement mast when the supplier had to be changed. They were also involved in one of the first reviews of the Laser 2000 conducted by the yachting press.
Andrew has always been available as a technical support behind the incumbent web master including several major overhauls, which have updated the web site, each time bringing a new perspective to the Class. The web site is currently a clear and comprehensive source for all knowledge regarding tuning, training, events and the essential banter associated with the Laser 2000 and the Class Association.
Ian and Andrew Frogley, with support from their partners, Carol and Nicolette, have made a significant contribution to the ongoing success of the Laser 2000 Class Association and I have no hesitation in awarding them the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy.

The 2011 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Eric Robertson.

Over the past two years as the Scottish Laser 2000 Representative, Eric has revived a circuit that had been on the wane. Thanks to his enthusiasm and hard work the Caledonian Ring and Alba Cup are now thriving, attracting eighteen individual entrants last year with six boats completing enough events to qualify for the series. Already this year two events have had attendances in double figures with seventeen separate entrants at the three events so far. These numbers may seem small compared to the current Millennium Series but are comparable to our earlier years and also comparable with other classes in Scotland such as the Lasers and RSs. Scottish Laser 2000s are clearly punching well above their weight.

Eric has achieved this by putting on a program of events at fantastic locations, organised by well-run clubs and by negotiating sponsorship for the circuit. This often has made use of existing regattas to ensure quality race management. He also has rewarded those who travel and clubs who encourage Laser 2000 sailing by taking the circuit to their clubs. When boats have travelled to enter the circuit Eric has always gone out of his way to welcome the crews and offer hospitality. His enthusiasm for the boat and for the circuit are obvious.

With boats now regularly travelling from England and Wales to compete in Scotland, Eric can claim much responsibility for the health of the class not only North of the Border but also outside the recent focus of the South and South-East.

In addition, when his contribution to the Nationals in North Berwick in 2006 and again next year are also considered he is clearly a worthy recipient of the Tony Slade trophy.

The 2010 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Simon Horsfield

Simon Horsfield has been in the Army for 10 years seeing service in England and Germany and has been committed in promoting sailing to servicemen and women. Simon was awarded the RYA Coach of the year in 2008 and has always been inspirational in spotting new and nurturing existing talent so they compete at every level.
Simon has included the Laser 2000 as the race training boat in Germany ensuring that the ASA Clubs develop their team and individual sailing skills. He has increased participation in the class and he has been instrumental in developing participation at National level organising boats and crews from Germany to compete at the Laser 2000 Nationals over the last few years. His enthusiasm is infectious and inspires new novice sailors to come and compete. He does this at the same time as balancing a young growing family, in a busy sailing school offering support to front line troops preparing for or returning from operations. Couple this with him providing welfare support for the families of those personnel on operations demonstrates his willingness to introduce large diverse numbers to the Laser 2000 for either racing, training or cruising for fun or competition.
He has, over the past few years been the Army lead helm and his expertise and willingness to share his knowledge and skills with others demonstrates his unselfish nature and epitomises the essence of the Laser 2000 Class Association. These traits coupled with his natural humility endear him to us all.
Simon is awarded the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy as he inspires, enthuses, participates and coaches the class at all levels in a humble and endearing style.

The 2009 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Liz Sagues.

Liz has sailed a 2000 at Dell Quay SC with husband Jean since 2002, is a journalist by trade and has been Millennium Mutterings editor for the last five (nearly six) years. "Creating a magazine that is of interest to a class with the diverse membership of the 2000 is no easy matter as the relevant articles often have to be extracted from members that are busy sailing when not having to work. Liz has developed a number of different methods for cajoling reports from those with interesting experiences and knowledge to share with the Class Association. "Liz has taken what was already a well established and respected class magazine to a new level, combining a balance of editorial, news items and graphics and consistently creating interesting and professionally presented publications. The arrival of the next edition of Millennium Mutterings on the doorstep is always keenly awaited and even fought for in some family homes. "Liz's significant contribution to the promotion of the Class Association is to be commended."

The 2008 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Tim Hulley.

Tim has been a member of the class association since its inception in 1999 and through a combination of open meetings and training events has played a pivotal role in developing what is probably the largest, most active and most successful Laser 2000 fleet, at Weir Wood SC. Tim has acted as Technical Officer to the association for the last three years and remains committed to the development of both the class and individual skills through the sharing of knowledge and experience.
Despite fulfilling this key role, Tim describes himself as a "non-technical" sailor. He is a regular contributor to Millennium Mutterings and his basic message for members is "keep it simple, communicate with each other and try and avoid those basic errors", a strategy which he has demonstrated to be effective on many occasions. Tim still finds the time and enthusiasm to attend open meetings and championship events and was a deserved and popular winner of the Millennium Series Trophy in 2007. Although usually seen sailing with wife Linda, as part of a two-boat family he is now frequently challenged by daughter Amy, emphasising the family-oriented nature of the Laser 2000 fleet. Tim's significant and ongoing contribution to the class association is to be commended.

The 2007 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is John Cox.

John has been Sailing Secretary and de facto Publicity Officer since 2002 and, throughout this period, has worked tirelessly to arrange annual sailing and social programmes at some of the most sought-after venues, whilst at the same time securing the necessary sponsorship and negotiating discounts for association members. He has also been very active on the association website and forum, providing informed comment, posting details of upcoming events and steering the discussions on compliance and associated rule changes. Despite having to work most Saturdays, John still finds time to contact and visit host clubs, finalise details of the sailing programme, update the website and prepare and send out Fast News, an electronic newsletter. Furthermore, he is an active supporter of the Laser 2000 fleet at his home club and attends the major class association events. Although John was awarded the trophy in 2004, he continues to make an outstanding and invaluable contribution to both the day-to-day management and the longer-term development of the class association and is to be commended for his unequalled enthusiasm and commitment.

The 2006 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Helen Phillips.

Helen has been active on the committee for many years and is currently our Treasurer and Training Coordinator. She has facilitated a number of club coaching weekends over recent years and her training programmes are always highly regarded and a credit to her preparation and planning. Helen sails with her husband Andrew and, in addition to attending the majority of the open meetings and championship events for the last five years, has successfully established Cardiff Bay YC, her home club, as a popular venue in the Millennium Series. Helen is to be commended for her commitment to the class association.

The 2005 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Andy Baldwin.

Andy Baldwin and his family have epitomised the true essence of the Laser 2000 Class Association. Andy has regularly attended open meetings and championship events for the last five years. He sails alternately with his young son and daughter and they are now regularly in the prizes. Andy is a regular contributor to discussions on the website and with his family always supports social functions. Andy and his family are to be commended for their contribution to the class association.

The 2004 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is John Cox.

John took over the task of sailing secretary two years ago and has worked diligently to provide the class association with the optimum sailing programme for the future. His experience has guided the class to look years into the future to acquire highly sought-after venues for our national and inland championships. John has personally championed the move of the class to a week-long national championships. He actively and tirelessly liaised between the host club and the competitors to provide the perfect environment for racing and socialising during the Coastal Championships (Mounts Bay) in 2003 and the Nationals (Saundersfoot) in 2004.
Providing such an excellent sailing programme requires many hours of his personal time contacting clubs and attending to the detail nearer the event. John has also been very active on the association website during the technical debates associated with rule changes for both the Laser 2000 and the Laser 3000 classes. In addition John and his wife, Pauline, manage a business, which prevents them from attending meetings on a Saturday without closing the business and accepting the subsequent loss of personal income. However, this year they still managed to attend four open meetings and the Coastal and Inland Championships. John is to be commended for his selfless devotion to the class association in the preparation and execution of the sailing programme.

The 2003 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Trevor Bradley.

Trevor Bradley has been instrumental in running the Laser 2000 Class Association and has held the post of chairman for the past three years. He has put in a great deal of effort and his personal time into running the association. He has negotiated sponsorship for the class year-on-year, and has made an effort to attend virtually all the Laser 2000 events on the calendar each year: not only the racing events, where he excels, but also many of the cruising, family and social events too.
A mild-mannered man of few words, he is big on action and a model of diplomacy. Trevor has also had to cope with controversy, which arose in the class during his period as chairman. This was dealt with in a timely, honest, frank, and open manner, which I applaud. "l feel he is a real asset to the association and worthy of the award."

The 2002 winner of the Tony Slade Memorial Trophy is Russell Eden.

Russell joined the association just prior to the National Championships in 2001 and competed at both the championships and the final event of 2001.Since being eo-opted onto the committee as the Families/Cruising Member Russell has been paramount within the association in raising the profile of family based sailing. On his own initiative he organised and ran a weekend event at Lake Bala in North Wales. This popular event was attended by 10 boats, and included activities such as boat tuning, cruising, a treasure hunt, and soccer. Russell has since volunteered to edit and print the association newsletter and his first bumper edition was published in December 2002. Russell is to be commended for his tireless enthusiasm in promoting family orientated sailing whilst at the same time encouraging the novice and intermediate sailors to attend Open Meetings and National Championship events
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