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Why join the Class Association? Andrew Posted - 30/11/2003

Whilst browsing around the web, as I do from time to time, I came across a short discussion on Class Association Membership and why boat owners should join their respective associations. Then, at a get together at a local sailing club, I had a brief discussion about the rudder arrangement on the Laser 2000 and how it kept falling off.

Well, consider this, if there was no 2000 Class Association, who would ensure the manufacturer kept the boat within the strict one-design rules we maintain? They could change fittings, mouldings, sail shapes, suppliers or just about anything, making significant changes to the boat that could lead to an advantage in owning a new boat.

Ok, so you only race at your own sailing club, and another Laser 2000 turns up and has a different sail than you, you can lodge a protest at your club about the rogue boat, but who maintains those class rules you are relying on?

Ok, so you don't race your boat, so you're not bothered about rules and measurements, well, wouldn't you be annoyed if you came to buy a new sail because yours has ripped, only to find you need a new mast or other fittings because the size/shape of the sail has changed?

So what does the class association actually do? Well, the association is exactly what it says it is; it is an association of 2000 sailors, who, with a unified voice, have a significant say in any changes to the class and its design. We can also help represent your interests to the builder if design flaws or quality issues materialise.

On top of this, the association runs a series of races throughout the season together with Inland and National championship regattas. All association members are very welcome at any of the events whatever their ability. We publish a newsletter, Millennium Mutterings, containing news and stories about the class, advertise members classifieds for free and we maintain an association members only section on the forum with more detailed hints and tips on the boat. All this for just 15 per year!

If you would like to join the 2000 Class Association please go here for details.

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