Join the 2000 Class Association

To join the 2000 Class Association simply complete this form. It will help to have the sail number and hull identification number of your boat handy.

If you have any questions or problems with the form please contact the membership secretary at We aim to get back to you within 10 days.

Individual membership is free to 2000 owners for the first year and £23 for subsequent years. Other membership categories are Joint, Family, Group and Corporate. If you are unsure which is best for you please contact the membership secretary. Rates are renewed and may be increased at the AGM in August.

These are the memberships rates for 2023 until they are considered at the AGM in August 2023. The rates have been held at these rates since 2021.

Individual - £23

Event membership - £12

Joint - £29

Family - £35

Group - £60 - six boats

Corporate - £145 - unlimited boats